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About Terra Recon

Terrestrial Reconnaissance is a type of reconnaissance that is employed applying the principles of ground warfare. It is achieved through the collection and collation of intelligence gained from imagery of routes, areas, zones or terrain. Ground-based aerial reconnaissance is considered to be the most effective type of reconnaissance to meet certain tasks because it provides highly detailed, often real-time intelligence. 

The military doctrine has been applied to civil applications because its basic principles offer the same range of advantages. The use of drones to collect this information has been transferred effectively from the military to civil uses, resulting in a proliferation of technical solutions that we are able to exploit to the benefit of our clients. 

William DG Hunt MBE
William DG Hunt MBE
Our Founder


The founder and MD of Terra Recon is William DG Hunt MBE, a former British army Ammunition Technical Officer (ATO). William's military career spanned 26 years and focussed on Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Risk Management and counter Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD).

In his post-military career, William formed Threat Resolution Ltd which specialised in the survey for and removal of UXO on both land and offshore environments. The company executed many projects overseas, mostly in hostile and post-conflict environments, mainly for the oil and gas industry.

A survey is an intrinsic element of the UXO industry and it is Williams's interest in this coupled with a good working knowledge of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) that led to the formation of Terra Recon.


Living in the rural area of south Somerset, William has more recently gained an insight into the application of drones in support of the farming industry.

The Company 


As a company, Terra Recon is committed to excellence by identifying the best, most economical solutions to our client's challenges. We want to establish working relationships that are based on trust.

Terra Recon is constantly evolving. We monitor the UAV industry and our clients’ activities continually, seeking new ways to help them improve their performance. This is the way we advance our own capabilities and stay ahead in the marketplace.

Our team is predominantly made up of ex-Service personnel who are used to working in hazardous conditions and remote areas.

We do not aspire to be the biggest supplier of drone services but will strive to be your supplier of choice.

Terra Recon Safety Brief
FRZ Shape


Coming from the military and civil explosives industries safety is embedded in our very culture. This has been reinforced by a long relationship with the oil and gas industry, where Heath, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) awareness is paramount.

We have developed and maintain a comprehensive Risk Register system that is enhanced by site-specific risk assessments to ensure all practical measures have been taken to maintain a safe working environment.

Flight safety, although high in priority is not the sole hazard in drone operations. Construction sites, remote areas and the typically accompanying bad weather all present risks that have to be mitigated. 

EASA logo


Terra Recon is committed to the highest of technical standards in all aspects of our business from training to survey including working close to uninvolved people.

We operate under the UK CAA Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) but have embraced the new EASA drone regulations which will come into effect on in late 2020. We have pre-qualified our pilots to the required CAA permissions through completion of the GVC training which opens up potential Extended Visual Line of Sight operations up to 2km from the remote pilot.

We chose UAVHUB as our trainer of choice because of their unique reputation in the industry and a familiar, military feel in their excellent training methodology.

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