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Drone wrap - good or bad?

There are a number different "wraps" or skins fo popular drones such as DJI's Mavic series. These poly wraps are typically designed to give your drone some individually and they are available in a myriad of colors and designs.

During the coronavirus lockdown we have been experimenting on improving Visual Line of Sight (VLOS), with is a cornerstone of the safety principles under which we all should be operating under.

We opted for a neon orange wrap for out oldest Mavic 2 Pro produced by the Japanese company Wrap Grade. This particular supplier seems to enjoy a good reputation for quality. It seems the wraps are only available directly from the supplier in Japan and set us back USD64 for the aircraft wrap and three batteries. Also, UK VAT is not included so the package attracted a £17 charge from Customs before delivery.

It took Max, our engineer, about 40 minutes to apply the wrap in accordance with the manufacturers YouTube video. The results are impressive, the pre-cut wrap segments fit very accurately and a close examination is required to detect it.

In a trial we conducted at 100m distance and 400ft altitude, we believe there is a discernible difference in visibility, even on a sunny cloudless day. On a dull, cloudy day, visibility of the drone is much better.

But a couple of questions are raised:

1. Does the wrap invalidate the manufactures warranty? We have not checked but we assume it would. Our test platform was out of warranty anyway.

2. Does the wrap invalidate your insurance? Again we have not read the smallprint on our policy but we suspect that any "unauthorised modification" would indeed invalidate the cover unless cleared with the insurance company.

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