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Inform the police about your drone ops

We must always accept that the deployment of drones sometimes attracts unwanted attention, which can range from complaints of illegal activity to UFO sightings!

Most responsible clients and drone operators will have systems in place to inform local residents or other non-involved people that drone operations will be occurring nearby.

The scale of the project and its proximity to congested areas will more-or-less dictate how much effort has to be put into the dissemination of information. In the UK there is an online portal which can be specifically used for notifying the police, in advance, about events including filming.

The form is very simple to complete, but make sure you add your mobile phone number to ensure the police can contact you when you are deployed on the task.

As well as an the act of courtesy, advance warning to uninvolved people heads off a number of potential complains. Informing the police will help you a lot since since the activity has been pre-logged in thier events database, so

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