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No new drones in 2020?

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the release of a new drone by DJI on 27/28 April.

The drone community has been awash with "leaked" images purporting to be the new Mavic Air. Hers why it is and why you are unlikely to see any new drones in 2020.

If there was a new Mavic Air, this aircraft would need to comply with the specifications required to be certified in the C1 class under the new drone regulations in Europe and the UK. These new regulations were due to come on line on the 1st July but have been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. If it does not comply, then DJI would be marketing a legacy aircraft.

The specifications for the new classes of aircraft have not yet been published, although its remotely possible that they have been shared in advance with the drone industry. However, we here at Terra Recon, believe that if this were the case, the specifications would have leaked into the public domain.

Furthermore, the debacle of Autel's failed launch of the Evo 2 series, is an indicator that a late recognition of the EASA regulations, has forced a pause in its production, if it ever started.

In our humble opinion, the DJI Mavic Air 2 is a Red Herring. If DJI are releasing a new drone, it will fall outside of the EASA Classes, and may be limited to indoor use, or something like that.

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