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Using DJI Pilot with Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom??

As a user of DJI Dmart Controller, I have been frustrated by the non-avaiabily of a mapping app. I have forced an installation of the Pix4D Capture app, but it's not very stable to say the least.

There is a little know way of using DJI's Pilot app (or a version of it) which is deployed with enterprise aircraft, with the Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom. This is not a workaround or a hack, since there is fact a DJI app!!

Tucked away in the DJI download centre is an app called DJI Pilot PE - Personal or Private Edition, I'm not sure which....nor do I care...

Find your way to the lightning Browser on your smart controller and type in DJI Pilot PE, hit enter and you will be directed here

When the app is downloaded, go to the files system, then to the downloads folder, and install the downloaded apk file.

Once installed, reboot the Smart Controller and connect it to your Mavic 2 as normal. When it's connect the Go 4 app will be automatically loaded, but you can press the home button and load the DJI Pilot PE app, which will give your Mavic 2 pro/Zoom access to the Pilot app functions.

You will need to process any mapping imagery though a third-party as normal.

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