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Introduction to Terra Recon Ltd

The aim of this short video is to provide a brief overview of our capabilities and vision. 

How to send Terra Recon a task site map

The purpose of this short video is to offer potential clients an easy method of sending us a geospatial file that describes at task site location.

Realtime Drone Inspection using VR Goggles

inspection using the powerful cameras that are widely available on a variety of drones is now commonplace. At Terra Recon we  employ VR Goggles to the task, permitting the inspecting engineer to control the camera gimbal on the aircraft with head movements.

Ground Reconnaissance 

An “eye in the sky” provides real time intelligence on which objective,  command decisions can be made.

Wrap Grade Neon Orange Wrap Good or Bad idea?

Engineer Max and I gave our oldest Mavic 2 Pro a makeover with a Japanese Wrap Grade Neon Orange wrap. The purpose was to see if we could improve VLOS

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